Recent Video Work


The President, Justice & The FBI

“This four-part documentary series from Academy Award® winner Alex Gibney presents the long, complex history of presidents testing the rule of law and the FBI’s job to enforce it. It tells the story of the […]


Talon – The Missing Link

Consider the zipper, one of life's most prevalent and complex pieces of machinery. Invented in 1893 by Chicago entrepreneur Whitcomb Judson, the slide fastener was perfected in the city of Meadville, Pennsylvania by Gideon Sundback […]


Shadows of The Past

A look inside the Tarr Mansion renovation. The Crawford County Historical Society is looking for volunteers! Email for more information! Video produced by Jeremy Loewer



In this project I challenged myself to write, act and edit in my own piece so that I could truly live the experience I was trying to convey. With the exception of a lighting grip in […]


Campbell’s Pottery

Video produced by Jeremy Loewer for Campbell’s Pottery. Bill Campbell has been a potter for over 30 years. Across the country, his porcelain is admired for its spectacular color and elegant, crisp forms… each piece […]