Circular Pursuit: Music Video

Video produced by Jeremy Loewer
Recreated, based upon a scene from John Carpenter’s Halloween (1978). The scene takes place towards the beginning of the film, after a visit to the psychiatric ward where the audience learns that killer Michael Meyers has escaped. In the scene, Laurie walks to school and drops off a key at the old Meyers house because her father has put it on the real estate market. Although Laurie doesn’t notice, Meyers is living in the house and ready to strike. This sets up Laurie as Meyers target for the rest of the film. Along the way, Laurie meets up with a little boy named Tommy, who she will be babysitting later in the day.

Featuring Rachael Robertson, Joe Tompkins & Joshua Mehler.
Music by John Carpenter.
Timecode of original on DVD: 00:11:22-00:14:29.

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