The Sound Machine (2015)
PA Sandwich Company - 14 Filmmakers Excerpt

Collaboration is in many ways like going fishing without a net. Somewhere in the midst of all those hands, you strategize and end up catching more than you would alone.

In the fall of 2015, 14 student filmmakers set out to make a film about Meadville, Pennsylvania as part of a documentary workshop. As participants in the Year of Meadville, this is what they found.

Video produced by Jeremy Loewer, Joe Bruch, Eric Chang, Blake Demarco, Sophie Dodge, Amelia Jones, Michael Keeley, Kassandra Kyriakis, Lily Loreno, Felicia Marano, Ronald Milon, Kelsi Nicholson, Emma Rockenbeck, Jordan Steadman, & Danny Yarnell.

This project remains the longest collaborative work I have participated in. My classmate Joe Bruch and I were responsible for co-producing the following portions specifically: historical photo comparisons, Creative Crust, PA Sandwich Company, Meadville Public Library, Josh Sherretts Interview, a portion of the Halloween parade, cutting edge hair salon, and other varied pickup shots around downtown.