America Outdoors With Baratunde Thurston (Season One)

This feature film serves as a portrait of singer/songwriter Paul Simon. It follows him inside the studio, creating his new album Seven Psalms while looking back on his six-decade career.

The project premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival in September 2023, and is currently touring film festivals worldwide.

I served as lead Associate Producer on the project, managing archival research and clearances, facilitating digitization of archival materials, and coordinating shoot logistics.

“The movie, in its leisurely nostalgic epic way, is completely addictive … It overflows with stunning archival footage” – Variety Magazine

“Brilliantly Composed Doc Charts the Singer-Songwriter’s Career … The documentary is at its best weaving in all those fresh and often startling clips, which Gibney and his editor, Andy Grieve, have cut and compiled to flow gracefully.” –The Hollywood Reporter

Director: Alex Gibney

Editor: Andy Grieve

Producers: Erin Edeiken, David Rahtz, Svetlana Zill

Associate Producers: Jeremy Loewer & Mimi Daluga

Production Company: Jigsaw Productions

Additional credits here

Watch the trailer for the album Seven Psalms below, which contains sequences of original footage from the documentary:

Learn more about Seven Psalms on Paul Simon’s website.

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